The Champions League is a little bit different, I don’t think you can expect to go for a second time into the Champions League final. I don’t say it will happen next year, 97 points or whatever, maybe it’s not needed, I don’t know. We will come again, 100 percent. That’s clear. It’s similar; not the same, but it’s similar. The only thing that could have dropped my mood a little bit is if we would have lost today. It would still be a fantastic season, but I wanted to see the boys really try. The 1-0 of Brighton was difficult to deal with, but when it calmed down it was clear they [Man City] are one, two or three goals up or whatever.

When I asked after, I don’t know exactly, after 75 minutes I asked, Pep [Lijnders] told me it was 4-1 [at Brighton] – and everyone knew that without knowing it. So still being in the game, fighting for the result, scoring goals, celebrating – all of us. The fans knew the result [at Brighton], but they were still celebrating Sadio’s second goal like a completely normal goal. That is our face. We decide how much we enjoy this season and nobody else. I enjoyed it a lot. Not the final seconds of it, but all of the rest. This team is not a finished article and we will go 100 percent.


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