Sugar girl in New York
Sugar girl in New York

A hot sugar girl in New York is currently looking for a sexy, sweet, passionate and romantic young man with a daring personality to be her lover boy and boyfriend.

Her name is Tracy, she is a 28 years old creative fashion designer and music producer. She is well traveled, adventurous, sociable, daring, straightforward and has a good sense of humour.

Sugar girl in New York is seeking a man who can capture her heart and make her go wild with pleasure. She is looking for someone who is not afraid to take charge and also show his feelings. I want an adventurous young man who knows how to enjoy life to the fullest.

Her parents are wealthy lawyers, they have their own personal law firm and a lot of investments around the world. This sugar girl in New York is the only child of her wealthy parents.

The parents are willing to spoil any man who can take care of their daughter’s emotional needs as she is suffering from severe depression and anxiety due to heartbreaks from her past relationships with disloyal and violent young men who took advantage of her innocence and generosity and subjected her to domestic violence and other abuse which has led to her present mishap.


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