Following her criticism of President Buhari, Actress Omotola was forced to defend her outburst and state that it wasn’t formed from a partisan point of view Some Nigerians who didn’t find what Omotola said truthful forced her to open up on her non-partisan criticism in a series of tweet. “You’re really the shallow one… but doltish people like you never really do any research or think deeply before typing. Have you EVER seen me at/collecting political rally monies or the sort? Watch yourself, you’ll get BLOCKED. “

Actress Omotola vs President Buhari saga She tweeted

Lol, Apart from the FACT that I do not and was NEVER in the company of collecting free money? It’s sad that you think “circulation on Money in a Nation” means free money. Speaks clearly of your orientation and level of education/understanding. It’s okay dear, business? I’m good. ”


“Lol, if you are smart you’d find that I criticized the past administration even more than this one. Actually hoped this one would/should be better. Unlike most of you, I’m not partisan. Am an Activist. I work only for my conscience. I leave you with yours. Selah “


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